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….My latest post on LA Times Framework

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Check Out My Latest Podcast #4

004 – PhotographyAndTheMac: Mr. Winkle, Canon EOS C300, Photoshop Elements Editor 10 and the Steve Jobs book

“It been such a busy week. I have been so busy. I like to think I’m busier than everyone.” :-)




Links from the Podcast

Mr. Winkle

Canon EOS C300

Steve Jobs book

Apple Store

Photoshop Elements 10

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Memorial Outside the Apple Store

Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2011

Century City, Calfornia

Steve Jobs memorials, Apple stores close in tribute

Apple employees celebrate Jobs, stores close


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My New Photo & Mac Podcast

Subcribe to my new podcast on iTunes

I just posted my first podcast on iTunes. It will be my  weekly thoughts on the world of photography, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The podcast will feature my reviews, the latest and greatest, plus an occasionally an interview.

It’s probably not going to be too groundbreaking, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try. I plan to produce a 15 to 20 minutes a show. If you have any suggestions for topics, be sure to send me a note.

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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011


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Art Photo on iPad Day


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010


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The Apple iPod Announcement

Steve Jobs made it official, the new Apple iPad is a steveiPadreality and will be ready for shipping in a couple months. It looks very sleek and should compete well at it’s $499 price point with many of the e-readers and mini-notebook computers.

Probably the most important feature, to me, is the availability of the keyboard dock. Also, they have introduced an iPad iWorks app for $9.99 which should make it a more functional computer.

While it’s really not much more than a jumbo iPhone without the phone and camera, it is an amazing piece of engineering. It may be a replacement for a laptop computer for some, but not for me. -RL

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