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Santa Display at South Coast Plaza


iPhone photograph by Robert Lachman ©2014

Costa Mesa, California


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The Holiday Season is Officially Here

iPhone 4S Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2011

Holiday decorations at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa photographed using the iPhone camera app and processed with Photoshop & Topaz Adjust & Clean.

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Balloons at the Mall

My Photography Tips and Reviews on the LA Times site

cool_balloonsAmazing balloons at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, CA

I can’t even image how much they cost.

iPhone Photograph with an assist from PS4 and Topaz Labs

by Robert Lachman © 2011

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Time 4 Holiday Lights

What a great time of year to take photos. Of course, who has time with all the Christmas shopping. Here are a few of my recent photographs taken of the lights at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. –RL

iPhone Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010



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Two of My Latest iPhone Photographs


“Blanket of Lights”  at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA


“Rose Garden” from my backyard

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Remember: Panoramas Can be Vertical Photographs

beachpano xmaspano1a

By Robert Lachman
Don’t forget that panoramas can be vertical photographs. Everyone one expects them to be horizontal vistas, but with photography, all rules are made to be broken. I had a little fun at the beach and mall yesterday experimenting will tall skinny shaped photos. All of the pics were taken with my iPhone and were a combination of four photos.

I used the AutoStitch iPhone app from Cloudburst Research for the beach photo and Photoshop on the Christmas pic to make the panoramas.

Have a nice weekend!

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