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Coffee, French Toast Bagel and Free WiFi


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010


Just had a quick breakfast at Panera Bread in Westminster, CA to start the day. It’s a busy one for me, a little work on the computer, Canada vs USA for Olympic Hockey Gold starts at noon PST and then I work later this afternoon. Have a great week! -RL


Is It Worth More Than a Cup of Coffee?

coffeesmilleBy Robert Lachman
It must be Friday so it’s time for, “Is it Worth More Than a Cup Coffee?”

This week I’m going with a iPhone version 1 disk or my Smile On My Mac coffee mug. It was an easy choice with the Smile On My Macmoreofmyphotoblue mug coming out as the easy winner. I decided I needed to take a break from writing on Fridays. I need some exercise, so I have started, “Is it worth more than a cup-of-coffee, Fridays?”

Any outside submissions would be greatly appreciated. I just need two photographs (cell phone quality is perfect. That’s what I use). Take a close up of your old technology and any drink: wine, soda, tea or coffee) It couldn’t be any easier. The email address in the left sidebar. Have a nice weekend!

CLICK HERE and then SCROLL DOWN to see more “Is It Worth More Than a Cup of Coffee” blog posts.

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My Feet


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010

Ain’t technology great. When you have you’re own blog you can post anything you want and call it art. People can come by, check it out, and leave comments. Actually the part about leaving a comments is a subliminal message. Have a great day, I’m on my way to work. -RL


My Dad’s Kodachrome Images


Photograph by Mort Lachman © 1962

Bob Hope performing on stage entertaining the US troops taken with 35mm Kodak Kodachrome film by my Dad.

Click here to see more of my Dad’s photos of Bob Hope


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What is Throwback Pepsi?


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010

I just tried some Throwback Pepsi with lunch. It says it’s made with “Real Sugar.” Is that good or bad, and what concoction are they using to sweeten Pepsi now. There’s not enough time to solve this mystery today, I’m already late for work. -RL

I received this repsonse on twitter from Bastian Wolfle within minutes of my post. It explains the difference. I need to give it one more try, my tastes bud were having a hard time deciding which is better.

@photoandmac did you like it? This is how Pepsi tastes in europe. Real cane sugar instead of corn syrup.

A Little Photoshop Before & After



iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010

Just a little help from Photoshop and then Topaz Adjust 3 and Clean 2 to give this iPhone photograph some pop. It’s was very dark and needed something to be sharpened and brightened up. Time for the commute and work for me. Have a great Sunday. -RL



Disney Hall Lunch Break Photos


disney4lunch2webiPhone Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010

Cleaning my Hard Drive, Found Two Nice Beach Pics


Huntington Beach – Photographs by Robert Lachman


I’m trying to clean up desktop hard drive. My organization skills are horrible, a little of this here and there. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, the weather really turned out nice here in HB. -RL


My Dad’s Kodachrome Images


Photograph by Mort Lachman © 1961

Bob Hope performing on stage on an aircraft carrier entertaining the US troops taken with 35mm Kodak Kodachrome film by my Dad.

Click here to see more of my Dad’s photos of Bob Hope

Macworld 2010

hypermacBy Robert Lachman
I certainly didn’t miss Apple Computer, Inc at Macworld this year. There was so much doom and gloom from the media about how it’s the end of Macworld without Steve Jobs and his new toys. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been nice, but I think Paul Kent, the Macworld general manager, did a great job of mixing it up with more interesting speakers and moving the final day of the expo to Saturday, which made it easier for those from nearby to visit without taking a day off work.
As I rode down the escalator, the first thing I noticed was only one show room floor this year. All the exhibitors were squeezed into one room which meant only one thing: less vendors. It was very noticeable, it only took me about four hours to cover the entire floor.hypermac1 The more compressed floor did give the appearance of a more crowded showroom.

You can talk about Apple not making an appearance, but the overall state of the economy really has to be the major factor. Renting a booth to display your gear or software is downright expensive. It’s thousands of dollars plus the cost of staffing those booths.

First up on the showroom floor was HyperMac, maker of great external batteries for the Apple laptops, iPods and iPhones. Their equipment is first class all the way and received the most buzz on the showroom floor. It’s a perfect solution for those on the road when battery backup is necessary.


Same as last year, Topaz Labs software was one of the most crowded booths on the expo floor. They were selling their bundle of software for $129 which includes Adjust, Simplify, DeNoise, Detail, Clean2 and DeJPEG. Continued tomorrow… Time to wash the dog and go to work.

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Two Calla Lilies for the Price of One


iPhone Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010




San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace


“San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace” – iPhone Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010


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Downtown San Francisco


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010

Photographs taken during with my iPhone during my vacation to San Francisco and Macworld 2010 last week. -RL


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Macworld Junk & SF Heart Art


Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010

SanFranHeart1I will have more photos and reports later this week. Time for the commute and work in LA. -RL


Test Your Mac Podcasting IQ


Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2009

Test your Mac podcasting knowledge with this photograph by identifying the folks from left to right from Macworld 2009. Only the most knowledgeable Mac podcaster listeners will know. I will buy the winner a drink at Macworld in San Francisco, if you can find me. Click here to email the answer. The best photos of Macworld 2010 will be posted here starting tomorrow. -RL