Old Beach Cottages


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2011

With an assist from the Topaz Lab Clean plug-in.

(You need to look close to see it.)

Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, California

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OK, One More Sunset Photo


Sunset over Huntington Beach, California from my walk with the dog on Saturday.

Have a great week! :-) -RL

iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2011

Cupcakes for Dessert


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2011

Happy Holidays

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010

Christmas Decorations – South Coast Plaza – Costa Mesa, CA

Cool iPhone Cupcakes


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010

My iPhone Art of the Day


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman © 2010


Bolsa Chica Wetlands Bridge Opens


iPhone Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010
Bridge Finally Complete At Bolsa Chica Wetlands

After nearly 7 years, and more than half a million dollars, workers install a pedestrian bridge at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

People trying to cross from the trail system to the north Bolsa Chica parking lot only had a bike path for an option right next to busy Warner Avenue.

The wetlands are a popular area for residents to take a jog, as well as more than 25,000 people who visit every year. READ MORE…


Bridge at the Wetlands


iPhone Photographs by Robert Lachman © 2010


By Robert Lachman
Just a little difference in weather conditions can really make a huge difference in style and substance of your photographs. Are you going after the dramatic silhouette or a more informational style with subtle colors? Certainly shooting in overcast skies doesn’t compare to the dazzling flare of a fiery sunset.

Good photographs sometimes are just a matter of luck, but you can increase your odds by planning and research by figuring when the light will make the most impressive moment. Lighting conditions are one of the most important aspects of taking great photographs.

You can see from the photographs above, taken from same location, the Bosa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, what a difference it can make.

It’s not always the camera, it’s the light. When you look at that next great photo, take a closer look and figure out what drives home the impact, it’s going to one of three elements: subject, composition or light.

Certainly, it’s not an exact science when you talk about planning for the weather. It looks like rain for the next five days in Southern California, so I’m not expecting any intense sunsets, maybe just a few raindrop photos on the windshield.


iPhone Weather Pics



Just having a little fun with the weather and my iPhone. The top photo was adjusted with a double hit of the Camera Bag app for the iPhone, the bottom photo was straight out of the camera. Time for work. Have a nice day today. -RL

Bob’s iPhone Pics from Last Week



Checking Out the Camera Bag iPhone App



Original iPhone Version

By Robert Lachman
I always find it necessary to try out all the fancy applications which are supposed to improve photographs. I really never know if it adds or subtracts to the final process. The Camera Bag application from Nevercenter Ltd. Co. for the iPhone which costs 99-cents is a perfect example. The iPhone software really has some cool-looking effects. Check out a few of the options below. The photo above of Disney Hall in Los Angeles is the original version. Let me know what you think, improvement or distraction.